My name is Marc, and I like programming, old school scene stuff, reverse engineering, security, microcontrollers, automotive diagnostics, not using Javascript, and probably everything in between.

If you want to talk to me, you can always mail me.

Newest blog posts.

2022-02-06 / Creating a private CA and enforcing client certificates

2022-01-31 / Sensible connected home

2020-11-08 / Dejunking and reconstructing bytecode


Project - Modern, compact and cross plattform C++ network/sockets library under heavy development

Project - Small, modern header only URI parsing library for C++

Project - Some tools for manipulating Valheim game files.

Blog - A rundown of the BEST2 instruction set, work in progress

Project - Better reimplementation of my BEST2 Virtual Machine, this time in C++17

Project - Disassembler project for the proprietary BEST2 Instruction set

Project - Open source, lightweight replacement for Razer Synapse

Paper - Hijacking an embedded, statically linked python interpreter in an external process under win32.

Project - A Virtual Machine implementation capable of executing BMW's proprietary BEST2 instruction set.

Project - An (incomplete) emulator for the server of Perfect World, a MMORPG.

Project - My second OpenGL engine. Written in C++.

Project - My first OpenGL engine, written in Object pascal (Delphi).

Project - Detour for dumping the decrypted packages recieved by the client of Perfect World, a MMORPG.

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